Vision & Mission


A rose blooms when its essence flourishes. It symbolises the passion within Super Galvanising, and represents the fire within, which burns brightly and exuberantly. It is also the vitality of life which rejuvenates and re-invents itself. This is our passion for everything we do.








As nature’s gift of energy, the sun is the perfect symbol of the synergy with our business partners. Cultivating these partnerships adds value and maximises business opportunities for everyone. It energises our ventures across international borders. Extending our aspirations into new territories is why we foster business relations with our partners and strive towards globalisation.







We love ideas that challenge our boundaries and limitations – they push us to reinvent ourselves and this makes us different. Every once in a while, a true gem emerges, gives truth to the adage that the art of perfection comes. Apprehension is the enemy of ingenuity. We have the courage to introduce new technology and processes that has made us a leader in Hot Dip Galvanising.








We build on the best, to give you the best. Everyone at Super Galvanising, is part of the pillar and foundation that upholds and supports what we do for our clients. In this modern, fast-paced world we live in, our team spirit is what differentiates us from the competition, and allows us to more often than not, exceed expectations. Each successful project is the fruit of our unity, and spurs us to do better. We act as one big family – depending on each other to do our best.







We look to the future filled with bright and unlimited possibilities. We have grown from strength to strength for almost 2 decades. Now, we are ready to deepen ties and strengthen bonds with our partners to galvanise a new phase for growth that includes a greener and cleaner world.